September 2018, Bucharest


Innovations in health field is the main force in balancing cost’s optimization with new findings, for increasing the quality of health care (eg, development of new methods in combating and treating disease).

When it is too late to prevent, therapies and innovative technologies are an effective solution for improving health, and investments in research and development of health system are necessary everywhere. Innovation is part of everything that happens in health care from institutions and companies involved, to communication networks, care, facilities and therapies that improve the quality of life.

In this context, the organization of the INNOVATION IN HEALTH SUMMIT 2018 brings into attention a very interesting subject for all those involved in supporting and developing the health system in Romania (proffesors and medical professionals, institutions, companies providing products and services etc.): “Innovations and perspectives in health care”.

During  INNOVATION IN HEALTH Summit we invite to bring together into attention:

  • Innovative products and services dedicated to health care system (including veterinary field) from: medical and pharmaceutical, financial and health insurance, medical tourism, aesthetics & beauty etc.;
  • Innovative strategies for improving patient care;
  • The latest innovations in therapies, medicine, technology etc. in: gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, in vitro fertilization, assisted human reproduction, embryology, endocrinology, urology, dermatology, ENT, surgery & plastic and reconstructive surgery etc ., dentristy, oncology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, pediatry, surgery, alternative medicine;
  • Innovations in research.


The Summit will be held in Bucharest, and will combine scientific presentations sustained by Key Opinion Leaders from Romania and abroad, live workshops/symposiums  with a large Exibision for products and services dedicated to health and veterinary field provided by the companies.

All the scientific presentations and workshops/symposiums will be EMC creditated by all the Romanian Medical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Colleges.

Participants profile:

  • specialists in helath and veterinary fields: gynecologists, neonatologists, embryologists and specialists in pathology of the cervix in assisted human reproduction, ENTs, dermatologists, infectious disease doctors, virologists, family doctors, urologists, endocrinologists, andrologysts, surgeons & plastic surgeons, oncologists, paediatricians, specialists in aesthetics, veterinary, cardiologists, nephrologists, dentists, neurologists, researchers etc